School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland,

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Coastal Processes and Management 2021

Extra course content

Teaching at UQ

Dan teaches a number of courses at The University of Queensland and frequently delivers guest lectures in marine and geography courses. Dan is also the geographical sciences coordinator for UQ.

New course list for 2021

1st Year

MARS1001 (sem 2): Living Oceans (new as of 2021!)

2nd Year:

GEOS2100 (Sem 1): Environmental Systems

GEOS2105 (Sem 2): Geography of Australia

MARS2014 (Sem 1): Marine Science

3rd Year and Masters:

ENVM3200/7200 (Sem 1): Coastal Environments and Processes

ERTH3212 (Sem 2): Coral Reefs: Past, Present and Future (new coral reef hydrodynamic processes content for 2021!)